New/Old Style

Ever since I came back from Shanghai there have been a lot of thoughts and emotions circulating around me. I wake up some mornings and can't believe that I'm back home already. It feels as if it was all a dream - a really, really good one. Although it's great to be back, it's still sad to say goodbye to a life that was so carefree and adventurous.

Ever since I entered the realm of teaching, my pursuit in art and design has taken a serious backseat ride. I think about artists and designers that I admire and the type of style they all possess that makes them unique, and I want that. Five years of practicing different forms of art has made me grow to appreciate so many practices that I would have never understood before, like sculpture and print media. However, I feel it's time to finally start making art for myself and for my own creative soul. What you see above is only the beginning of a series of illustrations in a style that I hope, one day, I can call my own.


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