Some Things You Never Forget

It’s strange how a single look can represent/mean so many different things. I find that a gaze can tell us so much about a person’s past and whether or not there are signs of pain and regret. For me, the past has always been something that has never been far from my thoughts.

For this piece, I chose a vibrant, vivid, and somewhat violent red for her hair in order to allude to a feeling/idea of hatred, passion, lust, and desire. I wanted to combine different emotions into one area to show how these feelings have the ability to work together simultaneously. 

I want you to look at her eyes and immediately sense anger and pain; but if you stare long enough, you start to see and feel something deeper – a story of a past life that soared and danced and loved with everything possible.

And even though our story ended, some things you never forget.


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